How Paint Colours Affect Your Mood?

Paint Colours Affect Your Mood

You will have hundreds of options if you want to paint your house. Existing furniture, room use and personal preferences can all influence your choice. Another crucial consideration is that the paint colour you select should not have a negative impact on your mood. According to studies, colours can affect your mood. There are certain colours that can make you feel energetic and peaceful.

Some colours can make you feel depressed and aggressive. The purity or saturation and the brightness levels actually determine the sorts of emotional triggers. For example, a wall painted with low saturation colours like brilliant green will make you feel peaceful and comfortable. A sapphire blue hue that is more vibrant but subdued might energise you.

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Warm Colours and Cool Colours

Colours can be divided into two categories and they are warm and cool colours.

Warm Colours

Warm Colours and Cool Colours

Heat and sunlight are connected with warm hues. They create a welcoming atmosphere that is warm, bright, and enthusiastic.

The following are the three fundamental warm colours:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
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Cool Colours

Cool colours are associated with natural elements such as water, sky, and vegetation. They provide a calming and soothing effect.

The below are some fundamental cool colours:

  • Violet
  • Green
  • Blue

All these fundamental hues have a plethora of variants. There are other extremes, such as black and white. Let’s take a look at most of the primary colours and how they affect our moods and emotions. Choosing the proper colour for your space will help you achieve the vibe you want.

Warm Colours and Cool Colours

  • Yellow – Because yellow is connected with sunshine, it evokes sentiments of warmth and enjoyment, similar to those experienced on a sunny summer day. Light yellow can brighten and enliven a space. A room painted in a brighter yellow can evoke negative feelings such as rage or irritation. Yellow works nicely in your kitchen, bathrooms and dining areas.
  • Red – Because red is a powerful hue that stimulates adrenaline, it can boost your energy levels. When you choose a red tone for your space, it will elicit sentiments of enthusiasm. It’s energising and inspires others to talk about it. Red paint tones are good for the kitchen, dining room and entryways.
  • Green – Because green colour is plentiful in nature, they induce ideas of regeneration and expansion. As green is made by combining blue and yellow, it has both the cheerfulness of yellow and soothing qualities of blue. Green paint is good for bedrooms, spa rooms, bathrooms and family rooms.
  • White – White symbolises cleanliness, purity and well-being. Choose an off-white tint or blend it with other colours to soften the harsh impression.

Pick a colour from the above list for your home today!

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