The Benefits of PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Orthopaedics

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP has been gaining huge popularity when it comes to orthopedics. Though its effectiveness has not been proved scientifically, there are still reports, which go with its benefits. So, if you have been injured or going through some degenerative condition then this PRP method might help you bother because treatments can cause you more pain rather than give you relief.

What is a PRP?

PRP also called platelet-rich plasma, is a regenerative method that can treat a variety of conditions. These platelets come from your own body and that is why it seems to work well than any other outside materials.

Your blood is made up of a liquid named plasma. This contains red and white blood cells along with platelets. So, platelets play a vital role in clotting the blood when an injury is caused. It also has a growth factor that helps to heal your injury on its own.

How does PRP help in injury?

How does PRP help in injury

When there is an injury caused, the doctors will need to put all the important growth factors in the injured area and that is done by simply drawing your blood. Your blood will be taken into a centrifuge where the whole blood is separated from its platelets. These separated platelets are then placed into the plasma in larger concentrations, where ultimately will be having a bigger number of growth factors in the injured area. In this way, it will help heal the injury at a higher level.

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If you are looking for a Training Course PRP Practice in Orthopedics, then you can check with Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies. Their training can show you the best way to treat the first and second stages of arthritis.

What are the benefits of using PRP?

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma 1

PRP is a very popular treatment that has been providing relief for many conditions including orthopedics. It has also helped people heal their bodies immediately after the surgical procedure.

So, here are some benefits of using PRP:

  • PRP is anytime safer than any other treatment because it is used from your own body and not from an outside element.
  • Another advantage of this PRP is that it is minimally invasive. All you would require is an injection and blood drawn from your body. Hence, this procedure is much safer as compared to much risky surgery.
  • PRP is a quick and less painful procedure. The entire procedure will be done in an hour or so. The only painful thing would be the injection, but the area will be numbed before injecting it.

Platelets play a very important role in your body’s healing process.

Could this work for all?

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP does not work for all injuries or conditions. Only a specialist can do an assessment and tell you if PRP can work for you. He might also ask for an imaging study like MRI which will tell the amount of damage caused in the area where there is pain. The following conditions are the ones that can benefit from this treatment:

PRP is also useful if you had recent surgery.

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