Why Companies Choose to Outsource Janitorial Services

There has been a lot of talk about outsourcing in the new economy of the 21st century. While one side claims it is a great thing for the global economy and the companies which practice it, there is a growing number of people who deem this business practice unfair. The outsourced work typically goes to countries where the cost of living is significantly lower, such as Southeastern Asia or Eastern Europe. The companies can get away with paying these outsourced workers less and still get the quality work they expect.

Janitorial Services

Thinking that outsourcing is a modern invention brought on by the internet is only partially true. In fact, the vast percentage of manufacturing in Western countries has long been outsourced to these regions, too. Another job that is being outsourced in recent years is office cleaning. In order to learn why companies do this, we reached out to Adriana Cleaning.

It Is Economically Sound

Outsourcing can have a few different meanings. Chances are that you are familiar with the kind where coding and customer support jobs are sent overseas, but even office cleaning and janitorial services can get outsourced by companies. Simply put, the cleaners responsible for cleaning the company premises are not employees of the company, but rather contractors who do the same job.

For the company, this means no paying benefits and other expenses related to hiring a cleaner as a staff member. This lets companies save some money, and that’s nothing to scoff at.

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The Amount of Work You Need Done Dictates the Model

The premise is pretty simple; the majority of offices don’t require thorough cleaning every day. In fact, most companies only get their premises cleaned once a week – and that’s usually scheduled for the weekend. So there’s really no need to have a full-staff janitor coming in to work every day.

On the other hand, the janitorial company already has people who are trained for the job and if the agency has contracts with multiple companies, there’s room to actually have their cleaners and janitors be employees of the company.

The Quality Is Better

One of the principal reasons why people in general opt for a cleaning company instead doing the work themselves is the quality of work. And it’s the same with janitorial companies – hiring a professional janitorial service, you know what you are getting. Generally, this approach yields finer results than having an in-house cleaner. Professional cleaning equipment required for truly professional commercial cleaning can be quite expensive, and not available to the in-house cleaners.

Outsource Janitorial

Better yet, if you don’t like the work done by the commercial cleaning company, you can get them to fix their mistakes free of charge – which does not really apply to an employee. Ultimately, if you are really unsatisfied with the commercial cleaners you hired, you can simply terminate the contract and find a different agency.

Everything Is Included in the Price

Professional commercial cleaning operations are typically a very well-oiled machine. They will have everything available for you, and all you need to do is sign the contract. That means that you are not only getting a worker who will clean the office. You also get the cleaning products, the equipment (and the expert who knows how to properly use it).

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On the other hand, keeping an in-house janitor would mean that all of those expenses would have to be paid by your company, on top of the employee’s salary. Companies specializing in this line of work are able to afford the expensive and specialized equipment necessary to do commercial cleaning right, as well as hire and train the staff to properly use this equipment.

Whether you believe that outsourcing is a positive thing overall, you can’t argue with this. Professional commercial cleaning companies do a very good job and are here to stay for a while longer.


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