What Makes A Holistic Rehab Approach For Recovery From Drug Abuse Better?


What Makes A Holistic Rehab Approach For Recovery From Drug Abuse Better3The holistic healing approach is an ongoing trend in healthcare and drug rehab centers. If you are wondering what ‘Holistic’ actually means in substance abuse treatment. It defines an approach, which takes into consideration the physical, psychological, and spiritual welfare of the patient.

What is included in the holistic healing method?

In traditional addiction recovery treatment, a blend of medication, individual, and group therapy is involved. Arrow Passage Recovery facility makes use of traditional and holistic treatment methods. It can include –

  • Art therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Yoga
  • Psychodrama
  • EMDR

Experimental therapies help patients get familiar with the connection between their bodies, thoughts, and behavior. Alternative and experiential therapies have been given more priority in substance abuse treatment settings for the last couple of decades. It complements the traditional methods by focusing on the ‘entire self-healing’. Therefore treatment facilities offering these services are termed holistic rehabs.

The holistic rehabs help to process your emotions differently. Healthy practice training is offered to prevent relapse. During recovery, the other aspects considered crucial are nutrition, workouts, sleep, and stress management. Holistic therapy helps in these healthy life staples by teaching new coping skills.

What Makes A Holistic Rehab Approach For Recovery From Drug Abuse Better2

Different kinds of holistic therapies


It helps you to reduce anxiety and efficiently navigate hard emotional challenges. In yoga, patients stretch and strengthen their bodies. Modern yoga comprises of three main components –

  • Different postures and movement
  • Breathing skills
  • Meditation

Yoga helps in concentrating and connecting mind & body in present moments. It teaches patients to be kind to their bodies.


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy is a research-based intervention process that has proved to ease the symptoms associated with depression, trauma, anxiety, and other challenges. During EMDR therapy, your brain’s natural ability to reconcile from painful experiences is bugged. Past trauma can trigger the flight, fight, or freeze reaction in the present.

During stressful situations, your body is unable to identify the perceived danger that is occurring in the present or past. Your body goes in survival mode, so getting past traumatic events from the past is hard. The EMDR therapy works on that part of the brain liable for the flight, fight, or freeze reaction. The distressful memory is not erased but your mind and body are trained to feel safe when stress activates.

The EMDR therapist guides you in identifying the past event, which hijacks stress reaction. Eyes bilateral stimulation helps you to stay grounded in the present moment and not pushed back in the past memories.

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What Makes A Holistic Rehab Approach For Recovery From Drug Abuse Better 1

Meditation & mindfulness

Mindfulness means being in the present without any disturbing shadows of the past. Mindfulness comes in different forms like walking, moving, standing, or seating. Mediation is a popular mindfulness practice. It helps to concentrate on your thoughts when they surface and concentrate on your breath. It reduces stress as well as enhances response behavior.


Workouts can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression that fuels substance abuse. It helps to prevent relapse by increasing the dopamine level that makes you feel good. Dopamine got depleted with problematic use of drugs or alcohol. Fitness and exercise add routine and structure to the everyday schedule, which is crucial in the initial stages of recovery.

Proper nutrition and acupressure are also used to restore body balance. Address your drug addiction via a holistic recovery approach!

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