Significant Web Development And Designing Factors To Consider

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If your business website is not aligned with the latest technology then it has no individuality. A website is your business façade that is comprised of several pages. It is the only way to have a digital presence on the World Wide Web.

Some enterprises generate their entire business through their efficiently developed websites. Austin web design services Lions Share Digital has been helping organizations develop a profitable websites. Web development and designing need serious considerations because a tiny error and the customer’s experience is ruined, which can cost you significant dollars.

Web development & designing factors to consider

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The most crucial factor of web designing is to create a usable site for average users. The majority of your business website users are not tech-savvy, so design elements need to be chosen from their point of view.

Loading speed

The website load speed can damage your online presence. Technology is insane today and has connected people via web pages across the world. If those pages don’t load within 3 sec then people get irritated. They just bounce back to never return. You can lose a potential sale opportunity and as the bounce rate accumulates search engine rankings can decline.


Web page look and feel is important just like its functionality. Website owners have 10 sec to engage a visitor and let them know what information they can get from visiting your website. Never overdo with colors or add crazy/obsolete images enforcing them to move away from your website. Ensure to have decent, sharp, and simple-looking web pages.

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Engaging content

Users are picky. Even with an easily accessible and fully functional website, they will not be pleased if there is no engaging content. Content marketing still plays a huge role in the advertising campaign of every online business.

Today, people prefer video content to text more because according to a survey video views are increasing by billions per month.

Designing Factors


The brand logo design and placement are crucial. A professional logo design offers your brand a unique voice and catches the viewer’s eye. Choose a placement that is visible to audiences like the upper left corner of the web page.

Use the same logo on print advertising, packaging, and branded apparel consistently to solidify the brand’s identity. With consistent branding, customers get an integrated and impressive brand experience.

Call to action [CTA]

CTA placement on your website like ‘Contact Us Today!’ influences visitors to contact. It demonstrates that you desire to develop a relationship with them. Choose proper CTAs for the appropriate engagement level.

If the potential customer just discovered your brand then invite him to become a subscriber. If they are a loyal consumer then request them to participate in loyalty reward programs. Include CTAs one on every webpage.

Clean SEO-friendly code

When you optimize an existing page or develop new web pages, it is crucial to have SEO-friendly codes. It helps to enhance overall ROI. SEO-friendly codes help search crawlers to decipher your site’s content.

These are some basic web development and design factors to consider for traffic increase and lead generation.

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