Venetian Plaster – What You Need to Know About that?

Venetian plaster is also called Italian plaster, the application of which gives the surface a marble-like finish. These surfaces look luxurious and also give an illusion of texture and pattern. Using this Venetian plaster, a vast variety of adorning surfaces can be created. It is made of lime putty and marble dust and when applied, it exactly looks like marble.


Venetian plaster has been used for centuries and now it has gained international acclaim for its aesthetic value. Earlier it was used for building purposes and now it is used to enhance interior design. Since it has less harmful chemicals and environment-friendly lime-based materials, it is suitable for both the exterior and interior.

With some best courses, you can learn and master all the techniques to employ Venetian plaster. Choose any of the polished plastering course from Evoke that has experience in this industry for 14 years. They provide you with the highest quality tools and materials and a knowledgeable tutor to enhance your skills.

Benefits of Venetian Plaster Courses

Whatever your skill level, when you understand the fundamentals by joining a Venetian plaster course, you will be able to complete most of the projects easily. Most of the available courses will cover Murmuring textured, Travertine, stone finish, metallic finish, rust finish, and smooth polished plaster finish on the surfaces.

The tutors will also explain and demonstrate to you if you want to know some new fall finishes. They will be teaching you the controls and techniques on the wall or boards depending on the finish that you want to learn. Since you have got expert tutors, you can ask your doubts, if any, and get them clarified as and when needed.

Venetian Plaster ..

They also teach you how to prepare the surface before you begin and to use different tools. Whatever your age, by the end of the course, you will be able to create walls and ceilings with a stunning finish. Because you will have hands-on experience trying on some walls that will assure you to undertake your projects with 100% confidence.

Once you finish your course, you will be able to create not only stunning walls, but also surfaces like wooden panels, plasterboard, and such. You will learn to add coloured pigment, different colours can be achieved with different tones and finishes.

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So, it will be beneficial for you to consider joining a course on Venetian plaster.

Benefits of Using Venetian Plaster

  • Venetian plaster is a durable one. Once it is dried, it can change into a rock-like substance.
  • It requires very little maintenance. You can just clean them with water or mild soap if needed.
  • It is less prone to cracking and shrinking.
  • It is made of non-toxic materials. So, it doesn’t emit harmful volatile organic compounds.
  • If you are living in a place that has high humidity, Venetian plasters are the best one since it allows the surface to breathe.
Venetian Plaster

Because of these benefits, Venetian plasters stand as the perfect example of timeless elegance and that’s why it has been used since ancient times. So, it can be the best choice for your walls too.

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