Ensure Optimal Treatment Results with Plasmolifting Procedure for Your Ailment

Ensure Optimal Treatment Results with Plasmolifting Procedure for Your Ailment 3

We know youth is not eternal, but this statement is turning to be a myth by all surgeons and cosmetologists as they offer new solutions to make you look younger. The Plasmolifting technique is one such procedure in which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is used. A gel from your body’s plasma is collected and is safely injected into the problem areas of the skin. This entire process revitalizes and accelerates the collagen repair process into the deep layers of your skin making it firm and tighter.

Plasmolifting therapy is used extensively in many kinds of treatments:

  • Cosmetology and beauty programs
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Dental practices
  • Gynecology treatment
  • Orthopedics and traumatology treatment
  • Urological problems

Ensure Optimal Treatment Results with Plasmolifting Procedure for Your Ailment 6

PRP process for cosmetology is highly recommended and you get radiant and bright skin, which will make you look much younger.

The effects of this procedure are commendable:

  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity
  • Removal of deep wrinkles
  • Prominent improvement in skin texture and quality
  • Face uplifting and rejuvenation
  • Reducing skin pigmentation marks and rashes
  • Smoothening of scars

The procedure is done through PRP tubes that are used for producing platelet-rich plasma which is then applied to the area that needs treatment with the use of an injection.

Other rejuvenating procedures in beauty programs can be combined with Plasmolifting technology like

  • Laser therapy – enhances the anti-aging effect
  • Thread lifting – reduces the healing period, improves complexion, reduces wrinkles
  • Radiofrequency therapy – reduces fine lines, restores skin firmness and elasticity
  • Chemical peeling – eliminates hyperpigmentation, acne, scars
  • Contour Plastic – improves skin color
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PRP treatment helps in dental treatment or stomatology by regenerating tissues, eliminating inflammation, enhancing natural recovery of the gums.

The treatment:

  • Enables self-regeneration process in problematic tissues
  • Enhances capillary formation
  • Normalizes tissue respiration, hydrodynamics, and substance exchange
  • Does not have any mutagenic action since the plasma elements are purely natural. Hence no tumors, oncological diseases, or any negative effects are observed
  • Is a completely nontoxic method so the possibility of any infection, allergies are ruled out
  • Uses anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs with reduced efficacy that reduces inflammation and makes no structural damage to the tissues.

In urology, the PRP process is used for treating chronic cystitis, prostatitis, ulcers, and chronic inflammatory urinary tract diseases. Due to the use of autologous plasma, all discomforts of urological problems are treated well. There is no constant pain, burning or stinging sensations, constant need of passing urine, or mental discomfort.

Ensure Optimal Treatment Results with Plasmolifting Procedure for Your Ailment 2

PRP Plasmolifting is very effective in gynecology in relieving inflammation and correcting atrophic changes.

There is a whole range of therapeutic measures for strengthening women’s health.

  • Treatment for gynecological diseases
  • Recovery of the mucus lining of genitals
  • Tightening of muscles of the small pelvis
  • Increases elasticity genital muscles with pronounced anti-inflammatory effect
  • Accelerates tissue growth
  • Improves blood circulation and better metabolism

The list of application areas for Plasmolifting therapy is expanding rapidly. Due to its cost-effectiveness and extremely simple painless procedure, it is booming with all application possibilities in various medical fields. Choose the right Plasmolifting technique for your treatment and get the best benefits for your treatment.

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