Know About the Procedure for Dental Braces

Know About the Procedure for Dental Braces 3

Often different foods that we eat may get trapped in the orthodontic appliances e.g., brackets or braces and accumulate over there. As a result, there is formation of plaque and various microorganisms and that can create dental complications.

Therefore, an orthodontist needs to educate the patient regarding the importance of various oral hygiene while they are undergoing any orthodontic treatment. Hence, there is a need for regular communication between the dentist and the patient.

The initial step, while getting dental braces is having a patient referred to a certain orthodontist Rancho Bernardo due to concerns regarding the position of your teeth within the jaw. The teeth have to be inspected manually and using X-ray pictures during the first appointment with an orthodontist.

Also, it is crucial to go through the patient’s dental history with them, as this will help guide proper treatment selections.

If it is determined at the initial consultation that dental braces are going to be a perfect solution for the condition of the patient, other decisions must be made, e.g. the braces type and also the length of therapy.

Fitting of your dental braces

To start with, it is ensured that teeth will remain dry and properly visible throughout the whole procedure as the orthodontist 4S Ranch is going to place the bracket. A suitable dental cement will be used so that the bracket can be held on the teeth.

After the dental braces have been placed in the right location then the cheek retractor will be removed and then dental arch wires will be put. The whole procedure may complete within 20 minutes.

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Know About the Procedure for Dental Braces 4

Foods to be avoided with dental braces

Braces can be broken as a result of chewing hard foods. When braces will stop adhering to your tooth surface, they might become loose and stop serving their purpose. Soft foods are more preferred over any hard or crunchy dishes in general.

Therefore, your dentist Rancho Bernardo will suggest you avoid the following foods when you are wearing any dental braces.

1. Hard foods

Any kind of food that will need lots of effort for biting e.g. hard rolls, bagels, apples, or nuts, it will be better to cut them into the smaller piece so that you can conveniently eat without putting extra pressure.

2. Sticky foods

There are certain foods that may get adhered to your tooth surface. Such foods must be avoided as these foods will tend to remain stuck on the surface of your tooth for a much longer time. A few examples of such foods can be caramels, candies, chewing gums, etc.

3. Sugary or any processed foods

Sugary foods like candies or any sugary beverages will promote demineralization of your tooth and as a result, your tooth may carry them subsequently.

4. Crunchy foods

Also, avoid any foods such as ice and popcorn during your orthodontic treatment. That is because the amount of force that you will use for crushing them inside your mouth may result in the breakage of your braces.

Follow-up sessions with your orthodontist will be needed to have your retainer manufactured, which aids in the support of your teeth’s new position and improves the treatment’s retention duration.

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