Impressive Health Benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom

TMM or tiger milk mushroom is associated with four centuries of medicinal history. There is Malaysian Aboriginal folklore that whenever tigress milk falls on the ground, it leads to the growth of jungle mushrooms with unique properties. TMM is also called Lignosus Rhinocerotis, a traditional medicinal herb used by indigenous communities of South-East Asia. It grows in areas having high levels of humidity [more than 80%].

Tiger Milk Mushroom

The different parts of TMM

It has three parts –

  1. Pileus or cap
  2. Stipe or stem
  3. Sclerotium or tuber

Unlike other species of mushrooms, TMM grows in isolation – one stalk at a time. Its medicinal properties are present in underground tubers called the sclerotium. It is a compact mass of fungal mycelium stocked with energy sources, while its stem and cap are woody. The sclerotium is white and oozes milk-like liquid that tastes like milk. It gives the feel of real tiger milk.

You can buy pure quality TMM on Nutrizus. They are a company that started with a mission to create natural and organic products to strengthen people’s respiratory systems. Nevertheless, Tiger Milk Mushroom’s health benefits go beyond strengthening the respiratory system.

Tiger Milk Mushroom

Improves cardiovascular health

TMM research report reveals that it has the potential in preventing blood clots. It shows anti-platelet activities that lower the possibility of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart issues.

Liver health

Obesity can cause liver scarring. The liver is also a crucial organ that makes protein, filters blood, detoxifies chemicals, and metabolizes medications. Therefore, liver scarring is life-threatening, but TMM has helped in reducing the liver scarring situation.

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Strengthens the immune system

TMM helps to stimulate the immune cells and helps to fight against virus and bacterial infection. Beta-glucan is an active compound in the sclerotium. It is effective in strengthening the body’s immune system as well as preventing specific kinds of cancer cells from proliferating.

Tiger Milk Mushroom

Lung health

Centuries ago, TMM was used in treating respiratory problems like sinus allergies, chronic cough, and asthma symptoms. TMM has an anti-inflammatory property that reduces the reaction to allergens causing inflammation in the airways and lungs. It is helpful to people exposed to extreme pollution and even heavy smokers. It even relieves people struggling with joint pain.


As TMM is loaded with antioxidants, it prevents daily oxidative stress. The harmful free radicals in your body are neutralized. The free radicals are scavengers that damage cell membranes, DNA, and even skin collagen. This can cause wrinkling, saggy skin, fine lines, etc. TMM has antioxidants that act as an anti-aging agent as it counteracts the free radicals.

Tiger Milk Mushroom [TMM] is not a medication but a handy food. According to the local belief, people working in the forest on empty stomachs could easily carry wood back home in the afternoon as they ate raw TMM. It offered them energy!

Make sure to buy TMM from reliable sources to take the advantage of its anti-oxidant, anti-proliferation, anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, and immune-strengthening properties.

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