How To Select The Right Plumber

Right Plumber

What do you do if you have to find a plumber? Do you reach for your phone and use Yelp to find a plumber? Or ask your neighbor to find out the name of the company that fixed their plumbing? Search Google? These are great ways to find local plumbing companies, however, you have so many options. How can you tell if a plumbing company is any good?

The flow of water in your home is a great convenience – unless it runs onto your bathroom floor. Even if your ankles are soaked, you shouldn’t go blindly looking for a plumber.

Licenses & Accreditation

When choosing a plumber, the most important thing you should look at is their accreditations. The work they can do will be determined by their certifications.

You should ensure that the person you hire to do your gas work is registered with organizations like Gas Safe USA. This will help you to make sure that the work can be done safely and it complies with regulations.

Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours

You should not only pay attention to their response time but also the company’s opening hours. You should always be able to reach someone over the phone 24 hours a day. This can lead to a lot more stress when you need to call an emergency plumber.

Are They Local?

Local businesses will likely be closer to you and have a better chance of reaching you quickly. On the other hand, national companies will have a good reputation and be trusted. Local businesses are more economical and offer a greater level of service. Nationals can take longer to arrive at your house than local companies and may also be more costly.

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But are they really local? If you need a plumber in Coomera for example, take a look at their service area page to see if they service your area. This is more important if you’re in outer areas of major cities.

Do they have a positive online reputation?

The Right Plumber

You can tell if there are more positive than negative reviews about the plumber. While there are some negative reviews, they can be expected. As long as most of the reviews are positive, it is likely that they will be trustworthy.

Are they open about their rates?

It’s easy to see how cost plays a role in the decision of who you hire as a plumber. It can be frustrating if the plumber doesn’t explain their pricing before they come to do the work.

When choosing a plumber, it is important to consider whether they charge call-out fees. You will only pay for the time that they spend in your home if your plumber does not charge call-out fees.

Avoid plumbing scams

plumbing scams

There are many plumbers who are qualified, but there are also some unscrupulous practices that you need to be aware of. There are many plumbers out there who don’t have a license or who will try to scam you with your hard-earned money.

These are some red flags you should look out for when looking for a plumber.

  • They are not able to show proof of licenses or accreditation
  • When you ask for references, they change the subject
  • They demand cash-only payments
  • They may ask for a large down payment or full payment upfront.
  • They won’t provide a written quotation
  • They pressure you into saying “yes”
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Reputable plumbers will give you a detailed explanation about the work required, along with how they will address it. They have their references and credentials ready for you. Trust your gut instincts and avoid hiring a plumber who rushes you or asks for large upfront payments.

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