How Many Pages Can be Printed from a New Cartridge?

When choosing a printer or new cartridge, one of the most important factors is the amount of ink or toner contained in the cartridge. Cartridge yield or page yield refers to the amount of ink or toner in a cartridge. Until 2008, printer manufacturers used a variety of methods to determine what percentage of pages a cartridge could print. However, after the OFT criticized four major players (Epson, Canon, HP, and Lexmark) and were accused of the lack of transparency, customers should now be able to compare machines more easily.

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The businesses were advised to set a standard approach of testing for all inkjet cartridges, and this came into the picture by the end of 2003. The ISO (International Standards Organization) established new standards to allow buyers to compare cartridges correctly. These tests entail printing a standard set of 5 pages indefinitely until the cartridge finishes. This continuous testing method is less time-consuming and costly for producers, and it allows a better comparison, by giving a real picture.

As you can see, page yield testing is done by industry standards. If you’re looking for cheap ink or toner cartridges, don’t just look at the price of the printer cartridge, but compare page yields and evaluate the value per page of different cartridges. If you’re getting a real bargain, this might help you see if you’re getting a good deal.

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Before buying any new ink cartridge as a buyer you should know a few things –

Fact About Page Yield

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Several factors influence how many pages a cartridge can print.

These are –

  • The kind of documents you print.
  • The printer’s make, model, and age.
  • The print setting that you use the most.
  • Environmental factor.
  • How long the cartridge has not been used or how old it is.
  • The number of times you print.

Page yield is estimated by test-printing business papers, which is a secret that cartridge and printer manufacturers don’t want you to know. When you open a business email on your computer, you’ll see that it’s only a few lines long. A page yield is estimated on a test document that is covered only 5%-20% with ink.

That means you’ll only be able to print a fraction of the pages your cartridge’s page yield predicts if you’re printing a whole book, family photographs, or slides from the study.

Most households and workplaces have inkjet printers or laser printers. These printers employ two separate types of cartridges (toner and inkjet) and function differently.


However, it’s important to note that not all ink cartridges are created equal. Regular, high yield, and ultra-high yield inks are the three ink options for many printers. In terms of page yield, these will vary slightly. You now have a better idea of how many pages your cartridge can produce. One cartridge should be enough, if you know you’ll be printing a lot over the course of a year.

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