How Can You Prevent Teens from Misusing Prescription Drugs?

Every medication carries the possibility of side effects, some of which are serious. Before prescribing drugs, doctors and dentists weigh the potential advantages and hazards for each patient, taking into account a variety of criteria such as those listed below. When prescription medications are abused, they can be equally hazardous as illegally manufactured substances.

Prescription Drugs

  • Personal information – Health practitioners examine an individual’s weight, how long they have been taking the prescription, other medical issues, and medications they are taking before recommending a drug.
  • Form and dose – The time it may take for a tablet or capsule to disintegrate in the stomach and release medications into the bloodstream, and finally reach the brain is known to doctors.

When prescription medicines are misused, they are often taken in bigger doses or in ways, which can alter the way these drugs operate in the body or brain, increasing the danger of an overdose.

When persons who misuse OxyContin, for example, crush and then inhale the tablets, a dose that would ordinarily take 12 hours to work, reaches the central nervous system. Addiction and overdose are more likely a result of this consequence.

  • Side effects – Prescription medications are intended to treat a certain specific sickness or condition, but frequently they have side effects that are unpleasant and, in some cases hazardous.
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Prescription Drugs

These are referred to as adverse effects. When prescription medications are not used as prescribed or when they are combined with other substances, side effects can become more severe.

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How to prevent your teenage children to prevent misusing prescription drugs?

You must have a conversation with your adolescent children at home. Teens definitely pay attention to all adults around them. When parents talk to their children about the hazards of drugs on a daily basis, there are 50% fewer chances to use drugs.

Teenagers are often more reasonable than we think they are, and they are sensitive to constructive influence, even if often they don’t show it.

Prescription Drugs

Unfortunately, evidence reveals that many parents do not have these discussions with their children. Only 22% of teenagers say they have talked to their parents about the dangers of prescription medicines.

Young people, in reality, are observing and listening to what adults around them say. Because prescription drug misuse is typically neglected, roughly one-fourth of youth feel their parents would be unconcerned about prescription drug misuse. Starting a conversation with your children could be your most powerful defense against prescription misuse.

Few scripts for discussing juvenile prescription abuse

One method is to use everyday occurrences to start dialogues with your youngster.

The following are a few preferences to consider.

  • You obtain a prescription.
  • A student is disciplined at school for abusing medicines.
  • Local news has covered prescription drug abuse.

When you first start talking to kids about drug usage, ask them what they think about drugs, and integrate discussions about safe prescription drug use into larger discussions about living a healthy lifestyle.

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