Features and Advantages of Yacht Charters in Barcelona

Barcelona is a massive metropolis with a large influx of tourists and a multi-million population. All of this leaves its mark on all spheres of business, including tourism. In particular, this applies to organizing sea trips on yachts, as it is important to cater to both Barcelona residents and visitors.

That’s why yacht companies try to develop various ways of interacting with clients remotely. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in doing so.

Therefore, if you are not in Barcelona and want to rent a yacht there, in addition to the characteristics of the vessel itself, it is essential to pay attention to the potential capabilities of the company offering it.

Distinctive Features of Yachts as Opposed to Other Types of Event Venues

Unlike a regular sea trip, a day yacht charter in Barcelona has certain advantages. First, you get temporary use of an entire vessel, along with a crew. Second, you can adjust the time and route of the trip and choose the departure and arrival dock.

Additionally, a yacht is an excellent place for holding events. You can decorate the vessel and create your event program independently.

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However, remember that the number of invited guests should not exceed the vessel’s maximum permissible load. Holding an event on board a boat has a unique “twist” compared to a restaurant.

Besides a full-fledged buffet or banquet and an entertainment program, your guests will enjoy a fascinating tour along Barcelona’s coastline, an unforgettable journey through the Mediterranean Sea, or a pleasant rest in the city’s surroundings.


If you planned to hold an outdoor event, a yacht also has its advantages. The most important of which is independence from weather conditions. Any boat is equipped with a promenade deck, which can serve as a great alternative.

Before booking a yacht charter, we recommend familiarizing yourself with some nuances:

  • The minimum rental period for yachts is 3-4 hours;
  • Time for boarding and disembarking passengers (1-2 hours) is not included in the price;
  • Free boarding and disembarking of passengers are carried out only at the dock where the boat is registered, and at all others, payment is made according to the rate.

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