Everything You Should Know About the History of Oil Paintings

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Among different painting techniques, oil painting is quite old yet popular. For years, people are showing their talent through their masterpieces done with oil painting. For example, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, a girl with pearl earrings, and many more. Also, most people have chosen oil painting as their passion. However, let’s know how this technique was created and how it becomes so popular.

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Everything You Should Know About the History of Oil Paintings 3

About oil painting

Oil painting is one of the oldest painting techniques. It involves oil paints which is a suspension of colored pigments in an oil medium with the addition of binders. The oil medium can be almond oil or can be poppy seed oil, these two are the most used oil medium. Its specialty is that by changing its composition painters can give different effects to their paintings.

What is the history of oil painting?

As it is one of the oldest art techniques it is believed that this technique was first created by Buddhist painters in the 5th century. However, it got into the limelight and got famous in the 15th century, when it was realized by many painters that it was far better than the tempera colors as it has greater texture, versatility, and work time as compared to the other colors like water painting, wall painting, etc.

With time oil painting begins to get more and more popular. Jan van Eyck played a great role in the development of oil painting as he helped it to get popular in northern Europe and Italy. By the beginning of the 16th-century oil painting was accepted as the prime painting medium in Italy.

By the 17th century, many artists had already shown their extreme talent and dedication in oil painting with their masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, Christ in the storm on the sea of Galilee, which is even appreciated till date. By the starting of the 19th century, many painters mastered the technique and started experimenting with different colors and their shades.

From then to the current date, it has been accepted and appreciated by every people and became one of the most popular painting techniques.

Everything You Should Know About the History of Oil Paintings 4


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