Reasons to Choose Professional Aircon Servicing Contractors for Installation or Repair

The majority of people spend half of their day working in an office. The working environment has to be comfortable, especially the heat that has to be left outside. Aircon installation will help you keep the office interiors cool so that employees and you can easily deal with the hot summer in Singapore. There are multiple air condition models and brands made available, but choosing the right one can make a difference.


For example, if one side of the office space has no sunshine, while the other experiences a lot of heat then choosing an aircon can make people on the cold side feel too cold and vice versa. Therefore, it is essential to make an ideal choice.

Work with licensed and experienced 7Days Aircon Servicing technicians. They understand the installation safety and standards needed to ensure that the chosen unit size and type are correct. For cheap air conditioning, installation services contact the technicians at 7Days Aircon Servicing.

Reasons to choose professional aircon servicing technicians

  • The aircon technicians are certified and trained. Reputable AC manufacturers recruit technicians that pass the training. At the training, the technicians are familiarized with the industrial standards to ensure safe installation as well as how to deal with troubleshooting malfunctions and more. Hiring trained technicians mean no concerns about the installing or servicing.
  • Check the experience of a potential aircon technician. In the technical field, experience matters, especially with the kind of system you plan to install or need a repair.


  • Pricing must not be the decisive factor, but ensure that they don’t overcharge you. AC technicians are in high demand, so the hiring rates are ascending significantly. Inexperienced contractors can offer a low quote to attain the deal and then hand over a surprisingly large bill. Experience is also a factor that can increase the service charges but is a better option as they understand the aircon issue and offer quality service.
  • Look for reliable technicians because you can need them often. Ensure that the technician does not make customers wait for long. Some technicians work with a company in shifts. This ensures you can take help from them at any time.
  • Technicians conduct the appliance repair task safely. They are aware of the safety guidelines and how to work around electric wires.
  • A good aircon servicing technician is licensed and insured. It ensures that you are not liable for the damage to anyone during the repair or servicing process.
  • A reliable aircon servicing company offers a written contract prior they make a final commitment. Everything is defined in the contract including the project schedule, pricing details, warranty, and aircon model. Ensure that you understand the term and conditions before signing the contract. Never agree to make full reimbursement in advance.
  • Ensure that the company works outside your office hours to cause minimal disturbance. It means you will not have to struggle with downtime and lose revenue.
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