Best Medications Used for Detox in the US

There is a huge rise in the number of people taking illegal drugs everywhere. If you look at the rehab centres, you will find many people taking treatment for drug abuse. Even after creating so much awareness among people, many people are still taking drugs and alcohol. Cleansing the undesired drugs through detox is the first step towards recovery.

Detoxification or detox is the process of removing harmful or destructive chemicals from the body. Misuse of drugs can lead to physical and emotional reliance. Hence, body detox is very important.

Is it possible to detox at home?

possible to detox at home

Yes, you can happily detox at your home, but you must have access to a licensed detoxification centre that can help you manage the withdrawal symptoms. Even you can try the detox at home, but experts don’t recommend it because of the following reasons

  • There are some risks associated with it.
  • It may not work all the time.
  • Expert detoxification is considered much safer and more comfortable by most people. The reason for this is, if you experience any withdrawal symptoms, you have to manage them solo. However, when you choose expert detoxification, you will get guidance on how to manage them.

If you’re thinking about withdrawal symptoms and detox treatment, it’s a good idea to look for a facility that specializes in these issues. Finding a good rehab centre can be difficult for you, due to a greater number of options. For drug addiction rehab La Mesa, CA, you could read the reviews online. There are plenty of websites, where you can find some important information related to various rehab centres. Take help of such websites to make the right decision. Genesis Recovery San Diego is very popular for its treatment for addiction. Check their website to get an idea on their treatment options.

drug addiction

Drug detox involves giving all the necessary tools that are essential for healing. The main goal of this process is psychological healing. Before beginning the detox, patients must first stabilize themselves from long-term effects of drug consumption. Detoxification involves 3 important steps and they are evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for the therapy

During the process of evaluation, a medical team examines potential patients for physical and mental health problems. Blood tests are used by specialists to determine the number of drugs in a patient’s system. This determines the extent to which medications are required. A full examination of pharmacological, clinical, and psychiatric diaries is also included.

Medications Used for The Detox Process

Some of the common medications used for alleviating the withdrawal symptoms are antidepressant drugs, Benzodiazepines, opioid antagonists, and incomplete antagonists.

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What are the common opioid withdrawal symptoms?

detoxification heal drug addiction

The withdrawal symptoms of opioids can be painful, and they may last for many days. Check the following to know what they are!

  • Feeling Fatigued
  • Feeling Restless
  • Excessive Irritability
  • Perspiration
  • Nausea Or Weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Cramps

Can detoxification heal drug addiction?

No, drug detoxification cannot heal drug addiction. It cannot heal the withdrawal symptoms too completely. Hence, you must not depend on detoxification for healing completely. You need to find a good rehab centre for your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction

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