BBQs 2U – Gozney Dome – A Grilling Haven for Your Backyard

BBQs 2U is passionate about bringing the best grilling and outdoor cooking experiences. Currently, they tested the Gozney Dome, a unique outdoor oven with a promise to revolutionize your backyard smoking adventures.

BBQs 2U had a great experience with the Gozney Dome black, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. It exudes a modern, sleek design that complements outdoor grilling settings.

The dome is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It is a blend of style, cutting-edge technology and functionality.

Fuel your cooking dreams

The dome is versatile and can be fuelled with wood, charcoal or gas. You can experiment with distinct cooking styles and flavours. Users comment that they have enjoyed the wood-fried experience because their pizzas and roasted veggies imparted a subtle smoky aroma.

Quickly reaches peak temperatures

The Gozney Dome boasts impressive heat retention capabilities. It reaches up to 950 °F, a scorching temperature efficiently in 15 to 20 minutes making it perfect for achieving coveted crispy pizza crust or perfectly seared steak or baked flavorful breads.

A Pizzaiolo’s joy

Pizza fans can rejoice because the Gozney Dome is practically a pizzeria in your backyard. The pack includes a 30 mm cordierite baking stone with dense cavity insulation capable of distributing heat evenly and cooking 16” pizza in 80 seconds. You can perfect pizzas with airy crust and goey centres within minutes.

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Beyond Pizza-making

Pizza is the showstopper, but Gozney Dome allows you to smoke meats, bake calzones, and roast vegetables. You will be surprised by the consistent cooking results. The interior is spacious, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes at the same time. You can cater to a distinct menu for entertaining friends and family every weekend.

User-friendly features

  • An innovative air system helps you to regulate the airflow under wood fire and control heat output with precision.
  • A large viewing window allows you to monitor the pizza without lifting the lid.
  • An inbuilt thermometer ensures you maintain consistent heat.
  • Quick connect accessory port allows for seamless integration of future accessories like an automated wood burner or cold smoker.

Gozney Dome boasts a forward-thinking design, which ensures that your culinary exploration can expand and evolve.


Some of the accessories you can invest in with your Gozney Dome are –

  • Stand – For elevation and added convenience to cook.
  • Cover – For protection from outdoor elements and easy storage while not in use
  • Placement peel – For safe placing and retrieving
  • Turning peel – The long handles of the turning peel make turning the pizza inside the heated oven easy.
  • Sealed door – For turning the dome into a slow roaster or bread oven. Adjustable vents allow controlling temperature level and smoking amount in the oven.
  • Steam Injector – A black anodized aluminium funnel includes a cork top designed to inject the right water amount inside the oven to create steam. Moisture is vital to bake bread with an even crust.
  • Mantel – Designed to rest pans and dishes easily. Safely rotate the pans to inspect your dish or use the mantel to keep side dishes warm.

BBQs 2U store has currently uploaded a video on YouTube, where you can watch the working of the latest Gozney Mantel accessory. Follow them to stay updated!

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