Aerospace and Aviation Trade Shows

Aerospace and aviation trade shows in the US increased over the past year as the industry grew. Estimates suggest the aerospace and aviation industry had $143b in export sales last year. And with the US as the center for many respected suppliers, it is not hard to understand why there are so many aerospace and aviation trade shows. Trade show display companies adjust the trade show booth design for these shows to ensure aerospace manufacturers, engineers, managers, and aviation professionals can explore business development opportunities at these aerospace and aviation trade shows.

Upcoming Trade Shows for 2022

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Trade show booth design for the aerospace and aviation industries focuses on all things high-tech. Hands-on, high-level innovations and product launches allow the exhibiting company to create engaging booths for all attendees. Here are a couple of upcoming 2022 shows in the US.

Heli Expo

The Heli Expo is scheduled for March 7 to 10, 2022, in Dallas, TX. Over 700 brand exhibitors and 19,000 registrants for comprehensive dialogue, potential deliberations, and innovation demonstrations.


PBEXPO is up for March 3 and 4, 2022, in Miami Beach, Florida, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Billed as “not just another aviation show,” PBEXPO expects 5,225 attendees, 295 exhibitors, 1,925 companies, and 75 speakers at the event. This aviation marketplace for emerging technologies is the premier event in the aviation and aerospace industry.

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US Aerospace and Aviation Trade Shows in 2021

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Trade show display companies focus on specific locations, as many have regularly scheduled trade shows. Here are a few from Texas and Las Vegas last year, two top-rated destinations.

Texas Trade Shows in 2021 

  • The 64th Annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show was June 22 to 25, 2021, in Dallas, at the Hilton Anatole. The AEA Convention is a general aviation avionics industry gathering – a must-see event for every business in the industry.
  • USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program – ASIP was in Austin from November 29 to December 2, 2021. The event brought together leaders in the aircraft structural integrity field, providing information on groundbreaking aircraft technologies for military and civilian applications.
  • Association of Air Medical Services- AMTC was October 31 to November 2, 2021, in Ft. Worth. Over 2,330 attended with 120 brand exhibitors. This trade show brings together powerful American voices in the industry while brand exhibitors showcase offerings, demonstrate solutions and collect industry insights.
  • InterDrone – The International Drone Conference & Exhibition was held August 10 – 12, 2021, in Dallas. About 3,500 attendees and over 150 brand exhibits brought together corporate executives, business owners, managers, and technocrats.
  • Smart Airports & Regions Conference & Exhibition was held from August 16 to 18, 2021, in San Antonio. The event shared information on smart airports and technology in the airport business.

Las Vegas Trade Shows in 2021

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  • GSE Expo Worldwide was from October 5 to 7, 2021. About 2,500 attendees and 200 visitors discussed challenges facing the aviation industry and showcase brand offerings.
  • National Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA) started October 12, 2021, with 25,150 attendees and 1,073 brand exhibitors from across the nation. As one of the top ten trade shows in the aerospace industry, it offered unmatched opportunities for promotion, educational content, and business growth.
  • International Council of Airshows Convention (ICAS) was December 6 to 9, 2021, with 1,500 attendees and 325 brand exhibitors.
  • FTE Global Show was September 8 to 10, 2021, focusing on the air transport industry to transform the passenger experience.

Dozens, even hundreds more trade shows in the aviation and aerospace industry happen every year. Each has a targeted group of attendees, so trade show display companies direct trade show booth design to attract these high-level, professional visitors.

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