A Leisure Battery – How Does It Work?

You must have driven your caravans and motorhomes as they have become quite popular in the last few decades. These vehicles offer a perfect option to spend vacation camping and are also one of the best options for mobile accommodation.

Do you know what drives these vehicles so that you can comfortably run many appliances fitted within these vehicles? Remember, appliances or electronic devices will not run smoothly on any standard car batteries.

In fact, they need a certain special type of battery which is called a leisure battery. Although these leisure batteries have now become common on the market, however, many people still don’t know about them.

Battery class
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We will, therefore, discuss in this article about these leisure batteries in brief detail. You will know about the basic info on

  • Leisure batteries and their types
  • How they are different from car batteries
  • How should you select these batteries?
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Different types of leisure batteries

  • Standard starter batteries: This type provides a large current for a short duration to start a vehicle. Most of them use lead-acid technology.
  • Standard leisure batteries: These are also lead-acid batteries and you only need to charge it once when the battery voltage dips below a certain level.
  • Semi-traction and traction batteries: Such batteries can only function in more demanding situations because they have thicker lead plates.
  • LiFePO4 batteries: These Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, are the most popular leisure batteries and are available with temperature and overcharge protection.
  • Gel batteries: These are liquid-free batteries and are totally sealed. They cost more than any wet battery options as mentioned above.
  • Absorbent glass mat batteries: These leisure batteries are very safe and environmentally friendly. They are just like gel batteries and sealed.
  • Lead crystal batteries: The main characteristics of such batteries are fast recharging and low maintenance and available in sealed form.
leisure batteries
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How they are different from car batteries?

Often people think leisure batteries are the same as car batteries as both are used in a vehicle and are quite expensive.

However, there are a few differences between these two batteries, and it is not possible to replace one with the other.

  • Car battery: The purpose of this is to start a car and requires the maximum amount of current out of the battery. After the car starts, the car’s alternator will produce the electricity and run the car and also charge the car battery.
  • Leisure battery: This needs to supply a constant power flow to the appliances within a vehicle for a pretty long period. To start the engine of your vehicle it may or may not use the battery. Either way, starting the engine is not a priority of this leisure battery.

How to select leisure batteries?

The following are a few things to consider before you buy a leisure battery.

1. Battery class

This practice will promote quality standards and a better buying experience for the customer.

There are 3 classes of leisure batteries under such a scheme:

  • Class A: These batteries have better battery capacity than others.
  • Class B: These batteries can support heavy equipment, only for a short period.
  • Class C: These batteries are for equipment with low power requirements for a shorter period.

2. Watt-hours

Based on the calculated power rating of the load, you need to choose the correct watt-hours of your leisure batteries.

3. Amp-hours

This measurement is another way to denote the power capacity of your leisure batteries.

car batteries
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Leisure batteries are used in most caravans and motorhomes and they are much different from any ordinary car batteries. There are a few different types of batteries available that you can select for certain special applications.

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