A Guide to Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

A water damage incident can be very stressful and expensive to repair. In the event of a flood, there is not much you can do but assess the situation, call professionals, and hope the damage is manageable and not too severe. However, it is always good to be prepared for weather-related leaks or breaks. I wanted to know what precautions to take to prevent water damage, so I called Risk Free Serv. I received the advice below:

Roofs Need Attention

Climbing up onto your roof now and then will pay off since you will be able to see if there are any missing shingles or if there have been any damages. To provide the intended purpose of the roof, regular maintenance and cleaning are required.

When a gutter gets clogged, water that was supposed to flow from your roof down to the street ends up staying on the roof and working its way down to the house’s foundation, walls, and attic instead. Water will inevitably find an alternate route if you do not secure a safe passage through gutters that may be obstructed by leaves, debris, or even branches.

It is essential to direct the water into the street as far away from your home. A professional can perform a thorough check, identify all issues, and resolve them swiftly and accurately if you do not feel comfortable going to the roof.

Check Your Appliances

Make sure your washing machine or dishwasher isn’t leaking. Likewise, you should check your kitchen sink and toilet periodically to ensure there aren’t any small leaks. Any home appliance requires regular maintenance, and if you don’t want to refer to a professional, you should check the hoses connecting it to the wall outlet. Depending on luck, you might be able to get up to a decade out of them. These occasional replacements are satisfactory if the appliance has no significant problems.

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Winter Temperatures

It can be complicated to deal with frozen pipes. Putting them back into action after they have been frozen can cause them to burst, resulting in significant damage to your home. The coldest parts of the year will be more dangerous if the pipes are not kept warm enough throughout the room they go through.

Outside hoses should not be overlooked. Don’t forget to drain and seal them before winter. Whenever temperatures drop, you will not use water in your backyard, so you should remove any remaining water from your hoses and shut down the vent.

Fix Leaks

Small leaks can be very annoying, almost invisible except for that annoying dripping sound you hear at night when it is quiet. The sooner you react, the less risk of water damage you have. However, these small leaks won’t go away by themselves. You should call someone if you notice puddles of water in your kitchen, around the sink or refrigerator. Over time, leaks damage your home’s structure and make you lose money. Whenever you run into a problem, you should call a professional for assistance. Having a plumber on speed dial is always a good idea for a water issue.

Water issues in your home are not that expensive or difficult to fix if you spot them early and call a plumber. It’s all about a fast reaction. As soon as you notice signs of a potential leak or a break, don’t hesitate to call a professional to have a look.



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