Read To Know What A 12-Step Facilitation Therapy Is

When drug addicts are brought to certain addiction treatment centers, then they use several therapies for helping patients get rid of their drug or alcohol addiction. Quite a few therapies often focus on the behavior, emotions, and ideas of the patient that made them addicted.

Pacific Beach Health adopts a holistic approach that is focused on connecting with their clients with their environment and also themselves as a part of providing treatment for addiction and mental health services.


There are a few other organizations that are also working on a similar pattern however, their focus is mainly on resolving the strained relationships of the married couple, teens behavioral, personality disorders, mood disorders, etc. such organizations also take up the treatment for drug addicts as well, since both the treatments are related to our mind.

However, often many people will need a little more than behavioral therapy so that it can be assured that the patient will remain sober for a longer time. A therapy known as 12-step facilitation therapy can be an active technique for engagement, which can help increase the chances of people taking part in their group even after leaving rehab.

What are these 12-steps that are involved in this therapy?

The origination of this 12-steps therapy has started in Alcoholics Anonymous but now is used in all programs related to 12-step therapy for helping people to overcome various types of dependencies.

involved in this therapy

The following are the 12-steps that are involved in this therapy

  1. The patients are made to admit that they were absolutely powerless over drugs or alcohol and their lives had become totally unmanageable.
  2. The patients get convinced that there was a certain power, which was far greater than them that could restore them to sanity.
  3. Now they have made a firm decision to turn their lives and their will totally over to God who is supreme as they have understood his great power.
  4. Now they have made a searching and also fearless moral inventory about themselves.
  5. They have admitted to God, all to themselves, and also to another human who is the nature of their wrongs.
  6. They were now entirely ready for God taking it over them to remove all the defects of their character.
  7. They have humbly asked God to remove all their shortcomings.
  8. They have also made a complete list of all those they had harmed and now became ready to make a correction to them all.
  9. Wherever possible, they made direct reparations to any such people, unless by doing so it would harm either them or others.
  10. They have continued to take their personal inventory and admitted quickly when they were incorrect.
  11. They have sought to improve their consciousness by contacting God as they understood him through meditation and prayer. Praying exclusively to understand his will for them and the power for carrying it out.
  12. They sought to spread this message to all drug addicts and alcoholics and to live by all these principles in their entire affairs after experiencing a certain spiritual awakening due to these steps.
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There are many drug rehabilitation centers that are working based on this 12-step facilitation therapy.

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